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Spell Check

NOV Rich Text Editor includes a spell checker that provides full support for spell check and corrections. It's compatible with most Hunspell based dictionaries like the ones used by Open Office, Libre Office, Google Chrome, etc. This means that you can download and use most of the Open Office spell check dictionaries. If you want to perform spell checking only in English, you do not need to download anything, because an English spell check dictionary is embedded in NOV Rich Text Editor.

Enable Spell Checker

By default the spell checker is disabled. To enable it, you should set the Enabled property of the rich text view's spell checker to true:

Enable Spell Checker
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richTextView.SpellChecker.Enabled = true;

This will enable spell checking using the embedded English spell check dictionary.

Load Additional Dictionaries 

By default NOV Rich Text Editor spell checker loads only the embedded English spell check dictionary. However, when needed, you can easily load additional dictionaries by replacing the dictionary manager of the spell checker.

NOV Rich Text Editor currently provides the following dictionary manager implementations:

You can use the CaseSensitive property of the dictionary manager to specify whether the spell check dictionaries it loads should be case sensitive or not. The CaseSensitive property of the dictionary manager is by default set to false, which means that the loaded spell check dictionaries are not case sensitive.

Although NOV Rich Text Editor can load multiple spell check dictionaries, only one of them can be active. You can switch the currently active spell check dictionary by using the zero based ActiveDictionaryIndex property of the spell checker.

The following piece of code demonstrates how to make the spell checker load all dictionaries from a given folder and then switch the active dictionary.

Example Title
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richTextView.SpellChecker.DictionaryManager = new NDirectoryDictionaryManager(@"D:\Documents\Dictionaries");
richTextView.SpellChecker.ActiveDictionaryIndex = 1;
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