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The tab is a widget that contains tab pages, which consist of 2 widgets – Header and Content. You can easily check whether a given tab page is selected or not by using its Selected property.

Properties and Methods 

The tab widget provides the following properties:


When the width/height of the tab page headers is bigger than the width/height of the tab widget a spinner is displayed. The user can use the buttons of the spinner to scroll through the tab page headers. If you want to make sure that a given tab page is visible, you can use the EnsureVisible(NTabPage page) property.

Code Example

The following example creates a tab with 2 tab pages, selects the second tab page and handles the SelectedIndexChanged event:

Tab Example
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NTab tab = new NTab();
tab.TabPages.Add(new NTabPage("Page 1", "This is the first tab page."));
tab.TabPages.Add(new NTabPage("Page 2", "This is the second tab page."));
tab.TabPages.Add(new NTabPage("Page 3", "This is the third tab page."));
tab.TabPages.Add(new NTabPage("Page 4", "This is the fourth tab page."));
tab.TabPages.Add(new NTabPage("Page 5", "This is the fifth tab page."));
tab.SelectedIndex = 1;
tab.SelectedIndexChanged += new Function<NValueChangeEventArgs>(OnTabSelectedIndexChanged);
private void OnTabSelectedIndexChanged(NValueChangeEventArgs arg1)
    // Get the selected page index
    int selectedPageIndex = (int)arg1.NewValue;
    // Get the tab
    NTab tab = (NTab)arg1.CurrentTargetNode;
    // Get the selected page
    NTabPage selectedPage = tab.SelectedPage;

 The result of this piece of code will be the following tab widget:

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