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Toolbars are represented by the NToolBar class, that derives from NCommandBar. Toolbars are not additing any new functionality to Command Bars, but are often used as a type target in styling to distingush them. Items in toolbars are usually displayed in flat style:

Code Example

The toolbar at the beginning of this article can be created with the following piece of code:

Toolbar Example
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NToolBar toolbar = new NToolBar();
toolbar.Items.Add(new NButton("Button 1"));
toolbar.Items.Add(new NButton("Button 2"));
toolbar.Items.Add(new NCommandBarSeparator());

toolbar.Items.Add(new NButton("Button 3"));
NComboBox comboBox = new NComboBox();
comboBox.Items.Add(new NComboBoxItem("Item 1"));
comboBox.Items.Add(new NComboBoxItem("Item 2"));
comboBox.Items.Add(new NComboBoxItem("Item 3"));
comboBox.SelectedIndex = 0;
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