Welcome to Nevron Open Vision (NOV)

Nevron Open Vision (NOV) is a suite of advanced UI components that works in all major .NET desktop and server environments.

NOV is not just another component suite as it was engineered from the very beginning to deliver components with extreme performance, feature richness, and extensibility. The suite includes advanced controls for all major UI related presentation categories - such as charting, diagramming, grids, text processing, scheduling, and others. The major features of NOV as a suite are:

- the only suite of controls that works both on Windows and on Mac OS using the same code base.
- identical visual appearance on both Windows and Mac OS.
- includes high performance, feature-rich controls in the area of charting, diagramming, text processing and data visualization.
- all controls are based on advanced Document Object Model (DOM), with support for styling, events, modification history and others.
- uses UI styling similar to CSS, which is applied to all controls in the suite.
- all controls in the suite feature serialization (ability to persist state to a stream or a file).
- all controls are completely windowless, printable and his res/4K ready.

By using NOV you ensure that your project User Interface benefits from extreme performance, feature richness and extensibility - whatever the platform or operating system you are developing for.