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AutoCAD Drawing Interchange (DXF) Export

NOV Diagram makes it easy to export your drawing to AutoCAD Drawing Interchange (DXF) format.

Save to DXF

The simplest way to export the active page of a drawing document to AutoCAD Drawing Interchange (DXF) is to use any of the Save... methods of the drawing view. For example:

Export active page to DXF
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Export to DXF with the Image Exporter

You can also export a drawing to DXF using the vector image exporter. This lets you export only part of a drawing page if you want.

Export to DXF using the vector image file exporter
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NDrawingVectorImageExporter imageExporter = new NDrawingVectorImageExporter(drawingView.Document);
imageExporter.SaveToFile(@"C:\MyDrawing.dxf", drawingView.ActivePage.Bounds, NRaster.DefaultResolution);

If you simply want to show an image export dialog with the "AutoCAD Drawing Interchange" format selected by default, you can pass the forma extension ("dxf") to the SaveToFile method:

Saving with a File Save dialog
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NDrawingVectorImageExporter imageExporter = new NDrawingVectorImageExporter(m_DrawingDocument);
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