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Balloon Tree Layout
About Balloon Tree Layout

The balloon tree layout is represented by the NBalloonTreeLayout class. It arranges each subtree in the tree in "balloons" like shown on the following image:

figure 1. Balloon Tree Layout

The balloon tree layout provides better drawings for tree graphs than the Radial Graph Layout.


The minimal distance between parent and child vertices is determined by the ParentChildSpacing property.

The minimal distance between sibling vertices is controlled by the VertexSpacing property. If set to 0, the sibling nodes will touch each other.

Angles and Wedges 

The initial angle from which the layout arranges the child vertices of the root vertex is controlled by the StartAngle property. The children of the root vertex are placed inside the wedge defined by the RootWedge property (measure in degrees).

When the layout recursively arranges the subtree of each vertex it places the its children in the wedge defined by the ChildWedge property (measured in degrees).




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