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Connector Splitting

NOV Diagram supports automatic connector splitting when the user drops a 2D shape over a 1D shape.


Connector splitting is enabled by default and works in the following way:

  1. The user moves a 2D shape (the circle in the image below) over a connector.
  2. The connector is highlighted to inform the user that it will get split if he or she drops the 2D shape over it.

  3. The user drops the shape over the connector.
  4. The connector gets split to 2 connectors by the dropped shape.

Enable/Disable Connector Splitting

You can enable or disable connector splitting in several ways:

  1. To enable/disable connector splitting for the whole page use the Enable1DShapeSplitting property of the page interactor:

    Disable connector splitting for the whole page
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    page.Interaction.Enable1DShapeSplitting = false;
  2. To enalble/disable connector splitting for a specific connector, use its Splittable property:

    Disable splitting of a specific connector
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    connector.Splittable = false;
  3. To enable/disable a 2D shape from splitting connectors, use its CanSplit property:

    Disable a 2D shape from splitting connectors
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    shape.CanSplit = false;
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