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CSV Files

Nevron Open Vision includes a CSV file reader that reads Comma Separated Value files (CSV files) to an NDataTable. The NOV CSV file reader is implemented by the NCsvReader class placed in the Nevron.Nov.Formats.Csv namespace of the Nevron.Nov.Presentation.dll.

The CSV file reader has a property HeaderRow that specifies whether the first row of the CSV file contains the column headers of the table. This property is by default set to true.

The following example demonstrates how to read a CSV file to an NDataTable:

Reading a CSV file
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NFile file = NFileSystem.GetFile(@"C:\Documents\CsvFile.csv");
    delegate (Stream outputStream)
        using (outputStream)
            NCsvReader reader = new NCsvReader();
            NDataTable dataTable = reader.Read(outputStream);
    delegate (Exception ex)
        // Reading of the file failed
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