Nevron Open Vision Documentation
Edition Comparison

The following table list sthe features available in each edition of NOV Diagram for .NET.

Feature Professional Enterprise
Diagram Components
Drawing X X
Drawing View X X
Library X X
Library Browser X X
Library View X X
Pan and Zoom View X X
Sidebar X X
Drawing and Pages Features
Media Visibility X X
Styling X X
Undo/Redo X X
Drawing Scale X X
Selection X X
Connector Splitting X
AutoConnect Begin-End X
Routing Manager X
AutoConnect X
Drawing Themes X
Drawing Elements
Shapes X X
Horizontal Guidelines X X
Vertical Guidelines X X
Groups X X
Routable Connectors X X
Multiple Pages X X
Shapes Elements and Features
Geometry X X
Control Points X X
Scratches X X
Ports X X
Translation Slaves X X
Shapes Navigation X X
Protection X X
Layout data X X
Image Block X X
Text Block X X
Table Block X
Widget Hosting X
Barcodes X
Shape Geometry Elements and Features
Geometry Commands X X
Geometry Corner Rounding X X
Arrowheads X X
Geometry styles X X
Shape End Points Features
Glue Begin/End point To Geometry Contour X X
Glue Begin/End point To Geometry Intersection X X
Glue Begin/End point To Nearest Port X X
Glue Begin/End point To Port X X
Glue Begin/End point To Shape Box X X
Glue Begin/End point To Shape Line X X
Shape Control Points Features
X and Y Coordinate Behavior X X
Control Point Tooltips X X
GlueToShapeLine X X
GlueToShapeBox X X
GlueToPort X X
GlueToGeometryVertex X X
GlueToGeometryContour X X
Glue Protection X X
Text Features
Appearance and Font X X
Keep Upward X X
Resizing Modes X X
GlueToGeometryContour X X
GlueToLargestInnerRectangle X X
GlueToShapeLine X X
Spell Check X X
Tables X
Mail Merge X
Grid Styles X X
Grid Origin X X
Grid Step Modes X X
Rulers Styles X X
Rulers Origin X X
Rulers Step Modes X X
Printing X X
Print Layout X X
View Page Breaks X X
Visio Drawings and Stencils (VSDX, VSSX) X
ESRI Shapefile Map (SHP) X
Family Tree (GED) X
Raster Image (BMP, PNG, JPEG) X X
Enhanced Metafile (EMF) X
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) X
Visio Drawings and Stencils (VSDX, VSSX) X
Portable Document Format (PDF) X
Web Page (HTML) X
Family Tree (GED) X
User Interface
Ribbon User Interface X X
Command Bars User Interface X X
Click Select Tool X X
Context Menu Tool X X
Move Tool X X
Pan Tool X X
Rectangle Select Tool X X
Scroll and Zoom Tool X X
Inplace Edit Tool X X
Arc Tool X X
Connector Tool X X
Cubic Bezier Tool X X
Ellipse Tool X X
Elliptical Arc Tool X X
Guideline Tool X X
Line Tool X X
Rectangle Tool X X
Shape Tool X X
Freehand Tool X
Automatic Layouts
Balloon Tree Layout X
Barycenter Graph Layout X
Compact Depth Tree Layout X
Dock Layout X
Layered Graph Layout X
Layered Tree Layout X
Orthogonal Graph Layout X
Radial Graph Layout X
Spring Graph Layout X
Stack Layout X
Symmetrical Graph Layout X
Table Flow Layout X
Tip Over Tree Layout X
Wrap Flow Layout X
22 map projections X
Adjustable zoom range and zoom level X
Automatic naming and labeling of map elements through data field association X
Map layers X
Show/hide layers based on zoom level X
Panning and zooming support X
Parallels and Meridians X
Import of ESRI shapefiles (SHP) X
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