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    Library View and Library Document
    In This Topic
     About Library Views and Library Documents

    A library document is represented by the NLibraryDocument class, which derives from the NGenericDocument<NLibrary>, which essentially means that the content of a library document is an instance of the NLibrary class, which represents a diagram library (see Libraries for more information).

    The library view is represented by the NLibraryView class, which is a widget that is designed to display the content of a library document. In this way you can integrate a library inside any NOV UI hierarchy (see UI Overview for more info).

    The library document displayed by the library view is accessible via the Document property. When a library view is created, it by default also creates an empty library document inside it.

    The following code creates a library view, the document of which contains the shapes produced by the basic shapes factory:

    Library View Example
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    // create a stack panel
    NStackPanel stack = new NStackPanel();
    stack.Add(new NButton("Some Button"));
    // add a library view in the stack panel
    NLibraryView libraryView = new NLibraryView();
    // get the library view document and its library
    NLibraryDocument document = libraryView.Document;
    NLibrary  library = document.Content;
    // create a rectangle shape inside a library
    NShape shape = new NBasicShapesFactory().CreateShape(ENBasicShapes.Rectangle);
    NLibraryItem libraryItem = new NLibraryItem();
    libraryItem.Name = "Rectangle";
     Library View Tools

    The library view Interactor is populated with tools that perform different actions upon the library view and its content (see the Interactors topic for a fundamental overview of interactors).

    All tools that reside inside in the library view Interactor are defined in the Nevron.Nov.Diagram.LibraryTools namespace. Following is a brief overview:

    Ambient Tools

    NClickSelectTool Selects library items.
    NContextMenuTool Shows a context menu for the currently selected library items.
    NMoveTool Implements moving and Drag and Drop of library items.
    NScrollTool Implements mouse wheel scrolling of the library.
    NDragDropTargetTool Extends the Drop target functionality of library views, by providing them with the ability to handle dropped library clippings, text, images etc.

     Library View Commands

    The library view Commander is populated with commands that perform different actions upon the library view and its content (see the Commanding topic for a fundamental overview of commands).

    All commands that reside inside in the library view Commander are defined in the Nevron.Nov.Diagram.LibraryCommands namespace.