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Ribbon Tab Page Groups

Ribbon tab page groups are collections of ribbon tab pages that contain commands related to specific common functionality or element, for example commands for tables, commands for images, etc.

As shown on the screenshot above, ribbon tab page groups can be easily distinguished from each other by the color of their stripe.

Ribbon tab page groups in NOV are implemented by the NRibbonTabPageGroup class and provide the following properties:

The easiest way to create ribbon tab page groups is to use the constructor that accepts a name and a ribbon strip color:

Creating Ribbon Tab Page Group
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NRibbonTabPageGroup tabGroup = new NRibbonTabPageGroup("Table", ENRibbonStripeColor.Yellow);
tabGroup.TabPages.Add(new NRibbonTabPage("Design"));
tabGroup.TabPages.Add(new NRibbonTabPage("Layout"));

The code above will create a ribbon tab page group with a yellow stripe. A 90% lighter color will be used for the fill of the inactive tab page headers.

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