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Schedule View
Structure and Navigation

The schedule view consists of the following parts (exposed through the same name properties):

The schedule view exposes two useful public properties, which allows you navigate back and forth in time via code in the same way the user can navigate when clicking the navigator buttons:

Loading Documents

The schedule view (NScheduleView) inherits the base class of all document views (NDocumentView), which means that you instantly get access to the methods of this class for saving and loading document to stream and file. The most commonly used methods for loading a schedule document are:

The following example demonstrates how to load a schedule document from a file:

Loading a schedule document
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Saving Documents

Besides load methods, the schedule view inherits several save methods from the NDocumentView, too. The most commonly used of them are:

The following example demonstrates how to save a schedule to a file:

Saving a schedule document
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Document Formats

Nevron Schedule supports the following schedule document formats:

Tools and Interactivity

The Nevron Schedule View provides rich interactivity features, including:

You can enable or disable any of these interactivity features by setting a mask value to the schedule's Interactivity property. For example to enable only moving and editing of appointments, you can use the following line of code:

Schedule interactivity
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schedule.Interactivity = ENScheduleInteractivity.Move | ENScheduleInteractivity.Edit;

If you want to customize the interactivity features of the schedule even further, you should modify its tools. Tools can be obtained by calling the GetTool(NSchema toolSchema) of the schedule's Interactor. When you get a tool, you can use its Enabled property to enable/disable it. The following example demonstrates how to disable the appointment edit tool, which shows an appointment editor when the user double clicks an appointment or an empty grid cell.

Disabling a schedule tool
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NTool tool = schedule.Interactor.GetTool(NAppointmentEditTool.NAppointmentEditToolSchema);
tool.Enabled = false;

Some tools contain properties, which lets you control their behavior. For example, if you want to make the right mouse button select appointments, you should change the MouseButtonEvent property of the click select tool as follows:

Click select tool modification
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NScheduleClickSelectTool clickSelectTool = (NScheduleClickSelectTool)schedule.Interactor.GetTool(
clickSelectTool.MouseButtonEvent = ENMouseButtonEvent.RightButtonDown;
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