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    Getting Started Overview
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    Nevron Open Vision (NOV) is a suite of controls that can integrate with .NET based desktop and server applications. The suite is cross platform, meaning that all the controls in the suite run on the two most popular operating systems - Windows and Mac OS. Currently NOV supports the following .NET desktop development platforms:

    There are two ways in which NOV can integrate in desktop applications:

     Designer Integration (through the Visual Studio designer)

    With this integration method you drag and drop controls from the Visual Studio toolbox to a Wpf or WinForm form and then modify their properties.


    - Easy to get started - you just have to drag and drop a control in the form.

    - Large selection of pre-configured complex controls


    - This integration is not cross platform - the application cannot be directly ported to Mac.

    - If you use a large number of NOV controls it may not be as effecient as manual integration, because different controls will not be able to use shared NOV services like paint cache.

     Code Integration

    With this ingration you manually write the code to add NOV controls to a NOV host (NOV control container), which in turn is hosted in a Wpf or WinForm form.


    - This integration is cross platform - you can easily port your code to Xamarin.Mac as there is no designer generated code involved.

    - This integration is more effectient if you have a large number of NOV controls on the form.


    - This type of integration requires you to write more code.

    NOV does not support Designer Integration for Xamarin.Mac. You can use only Code Integration for this platform.



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