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Appointments are pieces of data, which are shown in a schedule view. Each appointment has a start and end time, which define its position and size in the schedule. In the schedule view appointments are displayed as appointment widgets, which consist of two parts: header and content. The content is typically a label, which displays the subject of the appointment:


Appointments are represented by the NAppointment class and their most important properties are:

Creating Appointments

To create an appointment simply use one of the constructors of the NAppointment class and then used the properties mentioned above to configure the appointment. Finally you should add the appointment to the Appointments collection of the schedule:

Creating an appointment
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DateTime today = DateTime.Today;
NAppointment appointment = new NAppointment("Meeting with John", today.AddHours(8), today.AddHours(10));
appointment.Category = schedule.Categories[0].Name;


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