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Color Pickers Overview

Color pickers are widgets that allow the user pick a color by modifying one or all of its components through a visual interface. Some color pickers lets the user pick a whole color value, while others allow him to modify only some of the components of a given base color (e.g. hue, luminance, etc.). NOV provides 3 types of color pickers:

Color Box

The Color Box is a drop down edit, which displays a Palette Color Picker in its popup window that allows the user to quickly select a color. See Color Box for more info.

Color Bars

Color bars are widgets that let the user select a single color component - like Hue or Luminance. All color bars share the following properties:

Examples of color bar widgets are:

Color Pickers

The color pickers let the user select a color completely, not only one or two components of it. All color pickers have a SelectedColor property, which can be used to get or set the currently selected color. When the value of this property changes, the SelectedColorChanged event is raised (the event is called SelectedIndexChanged in the case of a palette color picker). Examples of color pickers are:

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