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NDeserializationContext Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NDeserializationContext.

Public Properties
Public PropertyLogGets the current log (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Serialization.NContext)
Public PropertyTypeResolverGets the type resolver of this context (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Serialization.NContext)
Public Methods
Public MethodClearProvidersClears the model and shell providers (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Serialization.NContext)
Public MethodReadBooleanReads a Boolean value.  
Public MethodReadBooleanArrayReads an array of Boolean values.  
Public MethodReadByteReads a byte (8-bit unsigned integer).  
Public MethodReadByteArrayReads a byte array.  
Public MethodReadBytesReads the specified number of bytes.  
Public MethodReadCharReads a char.  
Public MethodReadCharArrayReads a char array.  
Public MethodReadDateTimeReads a DateTime value.  
Public MethodReadDateTimeArrayReads an array of DateTime values.  
Public MethodReadDecimal  
Public MethodReadDecimalArrayReads an array of decimal floating-point numbers.  
Public MethodReadDoubleReads a double-precision floating-point number.  
Public MethodReadDoubleArrayReads an array of double-precision floating-point numbers.  
Public MethodReadInt16Reads an 16-bit signed integer.  
Public MethodReadInt16ArrayReads an array of signed 16-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadInt32Reads a 32-bit signed integer.  
Public MethodReadInt32ArrayReads an array of signed 32-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadInt64Reads a 64-bit signed integer.  
Public MethodReadInt64ArrayReads an array of signed 64-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadReferenceReads an object reference from the current stream  
Public MethodReadReferenceUncheckedReads an object reference without checking for success  
Public MethodReadSByteReads a byte (8-bit signed integer).  
Public MethodReadSByteArrayReads an array of signed bytes.  
Public MethodReadSingleReads a single-precision floating-point number.  
Public MethodReadSingleArrayReads an array of single-precision floating-point numbers.  
Public MethodReadStringReads a string.  
Public MethodReadStringArrayReads an array of strings.  
Public MethodReadStringNoCountReads a string to the end of the stream.  
Public MethodReadTimeSpanReads a TimeSpan value.  
Public MethodReadTimeSpanArrayReads an array of TimeSpan values.  
Public MethodReadUInt16Reads a 16-bit unsigned integer.  
Public MethodReadUInt16ArrayReads an array of unsigned 16-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadUInt32Reads a 32-bit unsigned integer.  
Public MethodReadUInt32ArrayReads an array of unsigned 32-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadUInt64Reads a 64-bit unsigned integer.  
Public MethodReadUInt64ArrayReads an array of unsigned 64-bit integers.  
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