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NDeserializationContext Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NDeserializationContext.

Public Methods
Public MethodReadBooleanReads a Boolean value.  
Public MethodReadBooleanArrayReads an array of Boolean values.  
Public MethodReadByteReads a byte (8-bit unsigned integer).  
Public MethodReadByteArrayReads a byte array.  
Public MethodReadBytesReads the specified number of bytes.  
Public MethodReadCharReads a char.  
Public MethodReadCharArrayReads a char array.  
Public MethodReadDateTimeReads a DateTime value.  
Public MethodReadDateTimeArrayReads an array of DateTime values.  
Public MethodReadDecimal  
Public MethodReadDecimalArrayReads an array of decimal floating-point numbers.  
Public MethodReadDoubleReads a double-precision floating-point number.  
Public MethodReadDoubleArrayReads an array of double-precision floating-point numbers.  
Public MethodReadInt16Reads an 16-bit signed integer.  
Public MethodReadInt16ArrayReads an array of signed 16-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadInt32Reads a 32-bit signed integer.  
Public MethodReadInt32ArrayReads an array of signed 32-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadInt64Reads a 64-bit signed integer.  
Public MethodReadInt64ArrayReads an array of signed 64-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadReferenceReads an object reference from the current stream  
Public MethodReadReferenceUncheckedReads an object reference without checking for success  
Public MethodReadSByteReads a byte (8-bit signed integer).  
Public MethodReadSByteArrayReads an array of signed bytes.  
Public MethodReadSingleReads a single-precision floating-point number.  
Public MethodReadSingleArrayReads an array of single-precision floating-point numbers.  
Public MethodReadStringReads a string.  
Public MethodReadStringArrayReads an array of strings.  
Public MethodReadStringNoCountReads a string to the end of the stream.  
Public MethodReadTimeSpanReads a TimeSpan value.  
Public MethodReadTimeSpanArrayReads an array of TimeSpan values.  
Public MethodReadUInt16Reads a 16-bit unsigned integer.  
Public MethodReadUInt16ArrayReads an array of unsigned 16-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadUInt32Reads a 32-bit unsigned integer.  
Public MethodReadUInt32ArrayReads an array of unsigned 32-bit integers.  
Public MethodReadUInt64Reads a 64-bit unsigned integer.  
Public MethodReadUInt64ArrayReads an array of unsigned 64-bit integers.  
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