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    Welcome to Nevron Open Vision (NOV)

    Nevron Open Vision (NOV) is a suite of leading User Interface components that you can integrate in client-side Blazor, WinForms, WPF and Xamarin.Mac projects. By using NOV components you can quickly and easily develop Web and Desktop (Windows and macOS) applications from a single code-base.

    NOV was engineered from the ground up to deliver components with extreme performance, feature richness, and extensibility. The suite includes advanced components for all major User Interface categories - Chart, Diagram, Grid, Rich Text Editor, Scheduler, and a complete set of 70+ widgets (Ribbon, Dockable Toolbars, Layout Panels, Buttons, CheckBox, TextBox etc).

    The major features of NOV as a suite are:

    By using NOV you ensure that your application follows the latest User Interface standards and technologies, simultaneously deploys on both the Web and Windows/macOS desktops and is extremely fast and efficient. All this makes NOV a perfect choice for enterprise application development with .NET.