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    NOV Architecture Overview
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    The Nevron Open Vision (NOV) is a set of UI controls, which are designed to operate with minimal dependencies on the operating system. The core concept is that NOV controls interact with the operating system and the GUI system (WinForm, WPF or Xamarin.Mac) via a set of interfaces. Those interfaces are implemented in separate dlls from the controls in the suite and differ from platform to platform. This allows NOV controls to work on any platform without modifications to their source code - the only requirement is that a specific set of interfaces must be implemented for this platform. The implementation of the platform specfic NOV implementation is called a NOV host.

    This architecture is illustrated by the following diagram:


    On the top you see the Nevron Open Vision Cross Platform Libraries - this is essentially a collection of portable class libraries (colored in green). The individual NOV products are implemented as portable class libraries that depend only on the NOV Core (Nevron.Nov.Presentation.dll). The NOV Core itself is a portable class library too, which does not have any direct dependencies on platform specific .dlls. In this way the Nevron Open Vision product line can virtually run everywhere from a single code base (and single .dll base).

    In order for the NOV to integrate into a specific environment, the NOV Core defines a set of integration services. This set of integration services is then implemented by NOV Hosts. NOV Host implementation is platform specific. The WinForms and WPF hosts also share a common base implementation dll which contains the implentations which are specific to Windows, but not to WinForms or Wpf.

    The following topics describe in details the process of creating and deploying different NOV applications.

    In order to create a NOV application for a specific operating system you need to include the NOV Cross Platform Libararies plus the NOV Host implemenation for this specific operating system.

    The following topics discuss different ways of adding NOV components and controls to your application.

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