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Nevron.Nov.Text Namespace / INRootRangeTextElement Interface
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    INRootRangeTextElement Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by INRootRangeTextElement.

    Public Properties
     PropertyThe edit target type of this root  
     PropertyGets the last valid caret position for this root  
     PropertyThe selected range of text  
     PropertyWhether this root uses paged painting  
    Public Methods
     MethodConverters a point from ancestor paged coordinate to local coordinate  
     MethodOverloaded. Returns a all occurances of the specified text.  
     MethodOverloaded. Returns true if a next occurance of the search text is found. The global range of the text is contained in range.  
     MethodGets the automatic number for the specified field  
     MethodGets the text position from the specified coordinate  
     MethodGets the text position from the specified view coordinate  
     MethodConverters a point from local coordinate to paged coordinates  
     MethodRegisters an auto number field in the map  
     MethodUnregisters an auto number field from the map  
     MethodValidates the root element integrity  
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