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Nevron.Nov.Barcode Namespace / ENLinearBarcodeSymbology Enumeration

In This Topic
    ENLinearBarcodeSymbology Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Enumerates the supported linear (1D) barcode symbologies.
    Public Enum ENLinearBarcodeSymbology 
       Inherits System.Enum
    Dim instance As ENLinearBarcodeSymbology
    public enum ENLinearBarcodeSymbology : System.Enum 
    CodabarCodabar symbology.
    Code11Code 11 symbology.
    Code128Code 128 Auto symbology.
    Code128ACode 128 subset A symbology.
    Code128BCode 128 subset B symbology.
    Code128CCode 128 subset C symbology.
    Code39Code 39 symbology.
    Code39ExtendedCode 39 extended symbology.
    Code93Code 93 symbology.
    EAN13EAN13 symbology.
    EAN8EAN8 symbology.
    FIMFacing Identification Mark symbology.
    Interleaved2of5Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology.
    ISBNISBN symbology.
    ITF14ITF14 symbology.
    JAN13JAN13 symbology.
    MSI_2Mod10MSI 2 modulo 10 symbology.
    MSI_Mod10MSI modulo 10 symbology.
    MSI_Mod11MSI modulo 11 symbology.
    MSI_Mod11_Mod10MSI modulo 11 / modulo 10 symbology.
    PharmacodePharmaceutical Binary Code (Pharmacode) symbology.
    PostNetPostNet symbology.
    Standard2of5Standard 2 of 5 symbology.
    TelepenTelepen symbology.
    UPC_Supplemental_2DigitUPC-2 symbology - a 2-digit supplement to the UPC used to indicate the edition of a magazine or periodical.
    UPC_Supplemental_5DigitUPC-5 symbology - a 5-digit supplement to the UPC used to indicate suggested retail price for books.
    UPCAUniversal Product Code A (UPCA) symbology.
    UPCEZero-suppressed Universal Product Code (UPCE) symbology.
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