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    Nevron.Nov.Barcode Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassBase class for all barcode widgets.
    ClassBase class for barcode widget designers.
    ClassDummy type used to explicitly load the Nevron.Nov.BarCode assembly
    ClassRepresents the Nevron Barcode module.
    ClassBase class for all barcode painters.
    ClassA widget, which renders a linear (1D) barcode.
    ClassDesigner for linear barcode widgets.
    ClassPaints linear barcodes.
    ClassBase class for all linear barcode symbologies.
    ClassA widget, which renders a matrix (2D) barcode.
    ClassDesigner for matrix barcode widgets.
    ClassPaints matrix (2D) barcodes.
    ClassRepresents a matrix barcode symbology.
    ClassDO NOT MODIFY MANUALLY. Automatically generated by NResourceMaker.
    EnumerationEnumerates the QR code size modes.
    EnumerationEnumerates the 2D barcode error correction levels.
    EnumerationEnumerates the supported linear (1D) barcode symbologies.
    EnumerationEnumerates the supported matrix (2D) barcode symbologies.
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