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Version History / What is New in 2022 Vol 3
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    What is New in 2022 Vol 3
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    General NOV Improvements

    Support for .NET Core 6.0

    NOV has a native build for .NET Core 6.0, in addition to the supported builds for .NET Framework 4.7.2 and .NET Core 5.0.

    Support for NuGet packages per major NOV component

    NOV has extended support for NuGet-based deployment, with added NuGet packages for every major component in the suite, in addition to the NuGet package for the entire suite.

    NOV Examples for VB.NET

    Every NOV example now includes a new tab with the VB.NET code of the example. Users can also export every NOV example to a VB.NET solution and open it in Visual Studio 2019 or newer.

    ICO File Decoder

    NOV can now read Windows Icon (ICO) files as a set of images with different image sizes. Open the “Framework > Imaging > ICO Decoder” example for a code sample.

    Rich Text Improvements

    DOCX/RTF Import and Export Improvements

    - NOV now imports/exports paragraph and inline rule background and highlight fill styles. 

    - Improved import of DOCX lists.

    - Various other DOCX compatibility improvements and bug fixes.

    Added new examples

    Several new examples showing automatic report generation with embedded charts.

    Various Fixes

    Fixed problems with paragraph line trimming, spell checking, text layout, and others.