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Schedule / Schedule Overview
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    Schedule Overview
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    NOV Schedule is a widget for showing and organizing appointments and recurring events. It provides all the features of Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar plus many more such as support for multiple time zones, multi level grouping, CSS like styling of appointments, headers, grid and time rulers, extended support for recurring appointments and events and so on.

     Visual Structure

    Nevron Schedule View consists of the following main parts:

    • Navigator - consists of two set of controls. The ones on the left let the user change the active view mode of the schedule and the ones on the right can be used to go back and forth in time or to jump at an exact date.
    • Header - displays the names of the groups currently used for grouping schedule appointments. Different schedule view modes can have different groupings. By default each schedule view mode is grouped by date, but you can easily append or prepend additional groupings.
    • Time Ruler - shows the time at a given scale.
    • Grid - the place where the appointments reside.
    • Grid Cell - the rectangles formed by the intersection of major time ruler and header ticks.
    • Appointment - represents a single piece of data shown in a schedule.

    All parts mentioned above besides except the Navigator form the Schedule. The Schedule together with the Navigator form the Schedule View.

    The following image shows the main parts of a Nevron Schedule View: