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Nevron.Nov.Barcode Namespace / NLinearBarcodePainter Class

In This Topic
    NLinearBarcodePainter Class Methods
    In This Topic

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    Public Methods
    Public MethodCreates a raster with the given size and renders the barcode in it. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Barcode.NBarcodePainter)
    Public MethodOverloaded. Overridden. Paints the barcode.  
    Protected Methods
    Protected MethodInvalidates the barcode, so it will be reencoded on the next paint.  
    Protected MethodCalled when the symbology has changed.  
    Protected MethodOverridden. Called when the text of the barcode has changed.  
    Protected MethodPaints the barcode on the given visitor.  
    Protected MethodPaints the given error message.  
    Protected MethodPaints the barcode label on the given visitor.  
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