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    Nevron.Nov.Grid.Tools Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassThe NClickAndDragColumnHeadersTool performs the clicking and dragging of column headers.
    ClassThe NClickAndDragGroupingHeadersTool performs the clicking and dragging of grouping headers.
    ClassThe NClickSelectTool performs the click select functionality of the grid.
    ClassThe NContextMenuTool shows a context menu for the items below the mouse pointer. The context menu that is displayed is controlled by the GridView.ContextMenu attribute.
    ClassThe NGridTool class serves as base class for tools that are created for the NGridView widget.
    ClassThe NGridViewDragTool class serves as base class for drag tools of grid view elements
    ClassThe NResizeColumnsTool performs the resizing of the columns.
    ClassThe NResizeRowsTool performs the resizing of the rows.
    ClassA tool, which implements mouse wheel scrolling and zooming of a NGridView.
    ClassThe NSelectionNavigationTool performs selection navigation commands (Move Left, Right, Top, Bottom, PageUp and PageDown)
    EnumerationDefines the possible drag actions taken by this tool
    EnumerationDefines the possible actions taken in response to dragging and dropping a grouping.
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