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    Row Headers
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     About Row Headers

    Row headers are button like elements that are represented by NRowHeader elements. The row headers are contained inside an instance of the NRowHeadersCollection, an instance of which is accessible from the RowHeaders property of NGrid. The following image illustrates row headers:

    The row headers serve the following purposes

    • Show row state information - the row header can display information about the row. The current row is indicated by a triangle symbol. If the row contains the currently edited cell, the row symbol changes to a pencil. The row symbol can be optionally shown/hidden by setting the ShowRowSymbol property.
    • Show the row number - the row number shows in the index of the data row inside the data source. The row number is only displayed for data rows. The visibility of the row number is controlled by the ShowRowNumber property.
    • Allow for row selection - clicking on the row header selects the row.

    The visibility of the row headers is controlled by the Visible property. The following code snipped hides the row headers:

    Hide the row headers
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    grid.RowHeaders.Visible = false;