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    Exporting to PDF
    In This Topic

    Nevron Rich Text supports true WYSIWYG export to PDF documents, without using any third party software or OS calls.

    What you see on the screen will look exactly the same in PDF - there are no exceptions - text, gradients, widgets, EMF / WMF pictures, raster images etc. will all look exactly the same. All text content is exported as embedded fonts, which guarantees that the exported PDF documents will look the same on different machines as well. EMF / WMF pictures retain scalability when exported to PDF. In addition Nevron Rich Text is one of the few text processors that can export PDF document containing complex scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Indic etc. that use extensively typographic features such as ligatures, combining marks, glyph substitution, bidi reordering and others. This is because Nevron Text PDF export is tightly coupled with the Nevron OpenType Glyph Shaper which supports all currently used scripts.

    Exporting PDF Documents to File

    You export PDF documents to a file with the SaveToFileMethod:

    Saving PDF Document To a File
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    m_RichText.SaveToFile("c:\\pdfdocument.pdf", new NPdfTextFormat());

    Exporting PDF Documents to Stream

    Saving PDF Document to a Stream
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    m_RichText.SaveToStream(stream, new NPdfTextFormat());


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