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    DOM Overview
    In This Topic

    The NOV Document Object Model (abbreviated as DOM) represents the base set of objects that allows the construction of versatile visual documents. The DOM is designed to be edited, styled, evaluated and displayed via different medias. Conceptually it follows the W3C DOM model, but is further extended to meet the demands of a larger set of document types and requirements.

    The DOM serves as foundation for the Nevron UI as well as the other heavier components implemented by the NOV presentation layer (rich text, chart, diagram, grid etc.). The common DOM base of the different presentation layer components ensures that most of the work required to mix different types of presentation layer content is already done by the DOM - for example: embed different widgets inside a diagram or inside a rich text document, undo-redo of integrated content, CSS of integrated content, functional dependencies between integrated content and many other. This packed with the cross-platform architecture of NOV ensures that you can create the next generation of rich visual content, that will natively display on a large set of devices.

    The DOM adds build in support for the following features:

    All examples related to the NOV DOM assume that you are using the Nevron.Nov.Dom namespace and that you have referenced the Nevron.Nov.Presentation.XXX.dll for the specific runtime that you target.