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    Localization Overview
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    Localization is the process of translating the user interface (UI) of an application into different languages. The strings used to localize the application are stored in the only instance of the NLocalizationDictionary singleton class.

    If you are writing an application that should be localized to different languages, you should encapsulate all string literals subject to localization in NLoc.Get() calls like this:

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    string localizedString = NLoc.Get("Cancel");

    You can then use the Nevron Dictionary Editor application, which can be downloaded from Nevron's website, to create a localization dictionary from all of these NLoc.Get() calls. The Nevron Dictionary Editor can import such strings from one or more C# solutions, projects or source code files. When the localizable strings are imported in a dictionary, you can start translating them and save the results to a TMX file (i.e. a file in the translation memory exchange format). You can then load this TMX file in the entry point of your application and all string literals encapsulated in NLoc.Get() calls will get translated thus making your application fully localized to another language.

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