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    Diagram Ribbon Overview
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    NOV Diagram provides a lot of commands and settings most of which can be shown to the end user in a ribbon interface. There are two ways to create a ribbon associated with a drawing view:

     Diagram View with Ribbon Control

    The easiest way to create a drawing view with ribbon is to use the Visual Studio designer and drop an NDrawingViewWithRibbonControl from the Visiual Studio toolbox to your form/window. Check out the Diagram Ribbon Designer topic for more information on how to use the Visual Studio designer to customize the diagram ribbon.

    Alternatively, you can use the NDrawingViewWithRibbon class to add a drawing view with ribbon to you form/window programatically. The example below demonstrates how to create a drawing view with ribbon hosted in a NOV widget host. You can then add this host to a form's Controls collection if you are creating a WinForms application, set it as the Content of a WPF window in a WPF application project or to the ContentView of a Xamarin.Mac window.

    Create a drawing view with ribbon
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    NDrawingViewWithRibbon ribbonUI = new NDrawingViewWithRibbon(); // Create a drawing view with a ribbon
    NDrawingView drawingView = ribbonUI.View; // Get the drawing view
    // Create a NOV widget host that hosts the drawing view with ribbon
    NNovWidgetHost<NWidget> novHost = new NNovWidgetHost<NWidget>(ribbonUI);
     Diagram Ribbon Builder

    NOV Diagram provides a ribbon builder that can be used to create and associate ribbon commanding UI to a drawing view. The builder is represented by the NDiagramRibbonBuilder class.

    Another way to create a ribbon based commanding UI and associate it with a drawing view is:

    Create ribbon UI using a ribbon builder
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    NDiagramRibbonBuilder ribbonBuilder = new NDiagramRibbonBuilder();
    NWidget uiWidget = ribbonBuilder.CreateUI(drawingView);

    To rename a ribbon tab or a ribbon group command builder, change it's name property prior to using it for building the ribbon UI. The following piece of code demonstrates how to rename the "Home" tab page and the "Font" ribbon group:

    Rename ribbon tab and group
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    // Rename the "Home" ribbon tab page
    NRibbonTabPageBuilder homeTabBuilder = m_RibbonBuilder.TabPageBuilders[NDiagramRibbonBuilder.TabPageHomeName];
    homeTabBuilder.Name = "Start";
    // Rename the "Font" ribbon group of the "Home" tab page
    NRibbonGroupBuilder fontGroupBuilder = homeTabBuilder.RibbonGroupBuilders[NHomeTabPageBuilder.GroupFontName];
    fontGroupBuilder.Name = "Text";
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