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    Themes Overview
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    NOV Diagram provides support for Visio-like themes and styles. This makes it easy to quickly change the appearance of your shapes and even the whole drawing page.


    Themes apply to a whole drawing page. They consist of a set of shape styles with fill, stroke and text styles that blend well with each other. This allows you to quickly style your diagram with a polished and professional look.

    The image below shows all styles in the "MyDraw Nature" theme, which is the default theme applied to new documents in NOV Diagram.

     Shape Styles

    Shapes styles apply to individual shapes and connectors. They can be used to quickly change the appearance of the shape using styles from the currently selected page drawing theme and theme variant. Shape styles are accessible from the Design tab of the ribbon and when clicked they style all currently selected shapes. If you change the theme and/or the theme variant of the page, then all shapes styles will be automatically updated to reflect the newly selected theme and variant.

    The screenshot below shows how the shape style ribbon gallery looks:

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