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    Group Box
    In This Topic

    The group box is represented by the NGroupBox class.


    The group box is a widget that consists of 2 child widgets – Header and Content. Here’s an example of a group box that contains a button:

    This group box was created with the following code:

    Simple group box example
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    NButton button = new NButton("Button in a group box");
    NGroupBox groupBox = new NGroupBox("Group Box 1", button);

    You can also change the placement of the header and add more widgets by first placing them in a panel:

     Group Box Header

    To control the horizontal alignment of the group box header, use the HorizontalPlacement property.

    This group box was created with the following code:

    Group box with centered header example
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    NGroupBox groupBox2 = new NGroupBox("Group Box 2 - Centered Header");
    groupBox2.Header.HorizontalPlacement = ENHorizontalPlacement.Center;
    NStackPanel stack = new NStackPanel();
    groupBox2.Content = stack;
    stack.Add(new NLabel("Label 1 in stack"));
    stack.Add(new NLabel("Label 2 in stack"));
    stack.Add(new NLabel("Label 3 in stack"));

    If you need a group box without a header, do not set the header text of the group box (or set it to null or an empty string) and set the group box header margins to zero:

    Group box without header
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    NGroupBox groupBox = new NGroupBox();
    groupBox.Header.Margins = NMargins.Zero;
    groupBox.Content = new NLabel("Group box content");
     Expandable Group Boxes

    The following is a group box that shows and expand/collapse symbol in its header and allows the user to click this symbol to epand/collapse the group box:


    To create a group box that can be collapsed and expanded, set its Expandable property to true. For example:

    Create an expandable group box
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    NGroupBox groupBox3 = new NGroupBox("Group Box 3 - Expandable");
    groupBox3.Expandable = true;
    groupBox3.Content = new NImageBox(NResources.Image_Artistic_FishBowl_jpg);