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    Table Pickers
    In This Topic

    Table pickers are toggle button groups, the items of which are arranged in a table flow fashion. The table picker items are primary NTablePickerCell elements, but can virtually be any other widgets, too.


    The lay outing of the table picker cells can be controlled using the following properties:

    • MaxNumberOfColumns - defines the maximum number of columns of the picker. When adding cells to the picker and this number is exceeded, the picker automatically starts a new row. By default set to 10.
    • HorizontalSpacing - determines the minimal horizontal spacing between items.
    • VerticalSpacing - specifies the minimal vertical spacing between items.

    The number of rows of the table picker can be obtained through the RowCount property. It is automatically calculated based on the current number of cells in the table picker and the number of columns.

     Built-in Interactivity

    When a table picker has the keyboard focus and there's a cell selected, you can use the keyboard arrow keys to highlight a new cell. When you have reached the desired cell press <Enter> from the keyboard to select it. When you are at the last (bottom-right) cell of the table picker and you press the <Right Arrow> key by default the first (top-left) cell of the table picker will be highlighted and vice versa. This behavior is called cyclic keyboard navigation and can be enabled/diabled through the CyclicKeyboardNavigation property.

    Cells are also highlighted when the mouse pointer passes over them. In that case to select the cell you can either left-click it or press <Enter> from the keyboard (if the table picker is focused).


    The currently selected cell can be obtained/set through the SelectedItem property or if you prefer to work with indexes - the SelectedIndex property. Only one cell can be selected at any given time, so when you change the value of the SelectedItem / SelectedIndex property the previously selected cell (if any) gets deselected.

    Table picker cells are toggle buttons so you can use the Checked property to determine whether a given table picker cell is the currently selected cell of a table picker. If you need to find out whether the cell is currently highlighted, use its IsHighlighted property.

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