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    In This Topic

    Scrollbars are range based widgets, which come in handy when you need to display large content in a limited area on screen. The scrollbars let the user change the currently visible part of this large content by dragging a thumb or clicking an arrow button. The following image illustrates the structure of a NOV scrollbar:

    Depending on their orientation scrollbars can be horizontal (represented by the NHScrollBar class) and vertical (represented by the NVScrollBar class). Typically when you want to show large content in a smaller area you will not need to manually measure the content, configure and attach scrollbars to it. NOV makes this much more easier – simply place the content in a scroll content element.

     Range Scrollbars
    Unlike regular scrollbars, which can be used only to select a single value, range scrollbars can be used to pick two values or said in other words - a range. They have a begin and an end thumb, which control the size of the standard thumb (the range). You can use the BeginValue and the EndValue of the range scrollbars to get/set the currently selected range. Range scrollbars in NOV are represented by the NHRangeScrollBar and the NVRangeScrollBar classes, which you should use depending on the orientation of the scrollbar you need.
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