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    Ribbon Stack Panel
    In This Topic

    The ribbon stack panel is implemented by the NRibbonStackPanel class and represents a stack panel that layouts widgets in left to right direction. It is typically used to group a set of widgets with similar functionality (e.g. font style buttons) so that they do not break to several lanes when placed in a ribbon wrap flow panel. In most cases a ribbon separator is placed as the last widget in the ribbon stack panel, so that it gets separated visually from other widgets in the wrap flow panel.

    Create Ribbon Stack Panel
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    panel = new NRibbonStackPanel();
    panel.Add(NRibbonButton.CreateSmall("Decrease Indent", NResources.Image_16x16_paragraph_indent_left_png));
    panel.Add(NRibbonButton.CreateSmall("Increase Indent", NResources.Image_16x16_paragraph_indent_right_png));
    panel.Add(new NRibbonSeparator());
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