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In This Topic
    SB Color Picker
    In This Topic

    The NSBColorPicker class represents a Saturation-Brightness color picker. This picker allows the user to chose a color that is more or less saturated and/or bright than a specific base color (specified by Hue only). The image below shows a Saturation-Brightness color box:

     Properties and Events

    The Saturation-Brightness color box provides the following properties:

    Name Description
    Hue Defines the hue component of the currently selected color and should be in the range [0, 360). This value also defines the colors in the SB box and triggers repainting of the whole box when changed.
    SelectedColor Specifies the currently selected color. This property is automatically updated when the user drags the SB Selector. When the value of this property has changed, the SelectedColorChanged event is raised.
    SBSelectorRadiusPercent Controls the size of the SB selector as a percentage of the width or height (whichever is less) of the SB color box.
    UpdateWhileDragging Specifies whether the selected color should be updated while the user drags the SB selector or only when he releases it.